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I offer training on Information and Communication Technology and

Digital Photography.

“The trainer”... What images do those two words create in your mind?  …someone holding a chair to fend you off while cracking a whip...   well rest assured, no extreme measures like those are used.  

I hope you will find me very patient; I don’t expect you to know.  Not knowing isn’t a reflection on your ability because nobody is born with knowledge and everyone is good at something.

It is my task to inform you in a way that permits you to learn. Having done so, you then need to exercise that knowledge in order to keep it fresh in your memory.  The adage, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” I believe to be unfortunately true!

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I also offer my photographic images for sale and accept commissions, excluding weddings.

My images are arranged by category on the Gallery page. Please browse for pleasure or purpose!